Janus Blended Learning

alone_timeIn spring of 2013, 5th grade teacher Anna Kwan spearheaded an effort to apply for a Janus Blended Learning Grant. To learn more about the Janus Blended Learning Initiative, please visit their website at http://blendedlearning.dpsk12.org/.  UPark was awarded the grant which gave $60,000 to our school to put towards our technology program (hardware, software and teacher professional development). This past summer, UPark was awarded the grant for a second year in a row, again being gifted $60,000.

In addition to monetary support, mentors from the Janus Blended Learning office work with UPark staff to ensure technology is being used purposefully with their students.  In addition to coaching and training, uses of funds will include:

  • Grades K – 1 will have iPads with approximately a 1:2 ratio of iPad/child
  • upark2014-27Grade 2 will have a mix of iPads and Chromebooks with approximately a 1:2 ratio of iPad/child
  • Grades 3 – 5 will have a 1:1 ratio of Chromebook/child
  • All specials, special education, ELA, gifted/talented and intervention will have new hardware for both students and staff to utilize
  • Additional staff professional development continues

University Park Elementary staff is also committed to increasing parental awareness of what blended learning is and of the technology happenings at the school.  If you have any questions, please contact UPark technology teacher Mary Foster at Mary_Foster@dpsk12.org and visit the Janus Blended Learning website at http://blendedlearning.dpsk12.org/.