Auction Experiences FAQs

Some families have asked about the UPark Auction Experiences that are available at the Live Auction Event.  These are fun and easy ways to continue to build UPark community and help raise money for teachers and paraprofessionals so our class sizes stay small!  We hope thes FAQs explain what these are all about.  If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to or just ask another UPark parent!

Q:  What are the “experiences” at the UPark Auction?

At the UPark Silent Auction, you will have the ability to sign up for three types of experiences – parent experiences, teacher experiences, and special perks (e.g. your own parking space for the year or your child’s birthday recognized on the UPark marquee).  You might have heard these called buy-a-shares at other auctions.  Prices vary, but each experience is a guaranteed great time, and all proceeds benefit UPark!

Q:  What is a parent experience?

A parent experience is an activity that a group of UPark parents hosts as a way to connect and get to know other UPark families. Examples include : Mom’s Happy Hour, an 80s party, Game Night, etc.  Each year, new experiences are offered based upon the creative ideas of UPark family volunteers, and sometimes we bring back old favorites!

Q:  What is a teacher experience?

A teacher experience is an activity planned by parent volunteers and sponsored by UPark teachers for the kiddos!  These are events that students and teachers participate in together after hours with the sole intent to have FUN!  Examples include:  Movie, PJs and Pizza, Afternoon Tea, a hockey game with Mr. Varveris, Field Day, Yoga, etc.  These also differ each year based upon the creative ideas of our wonderful UPark teachers.

Q:  What is a student hosted experience (New in 2017)?

This is NEW in 2017!  5th graders are sharing their talents and hosting their own experiences.  Most will be held before or after school.  These will be available to bid on via the online auction.

Q:  When are the experiences?

The events are scheduled to take place throughout the school year. Dates and details will be indicated on the sign-up sheet at the auction.

Q: How do I sign up?

At the auction, sign-up sheets with event specifics and a set price will be posted on tables in the main auction area.  Note, many of these events are VERY popular, so you will want to sign up early in the evening!  This year’s events will be available for review in advance (published as part of the online Silent Auction materials) to allow you to plan for events for you and your UPark student.

NOTE: There are some exceptions to this, the Birthday Marquee and Student Experiences are available via the online auction on a first come/first serve basis and the “Principal for a Day,” parking slot and “PE Teacher for a Day” are bidding items at the LIVE auction.

Q: Do  participants have to be part of UPark to attend?

Friends, relatives, neighbors and new families are all welcome to participate in these fun experiences!

If you have an idea or a thought or would like to host an experience, email