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Eric Atonna Principal

Front Office

Alexis Matter Secretary
Sharon Rusin Secretary

Kindergarten Team (click for more info)

Judith Cárdenas Rm 116
Francesca Andriolo Rm 116 Paraprofessional
Cara Havenar Rm 117
Kelsey Dunst Rm 117 Paraprofessional
Lisa Alley Rm 118
Amy Walker Rm 118 Paraprofessional
Kari Hale Rm 115
Christie Elsner Rm 115 Paraprofessional

First Grade Team (click for more info)

Becki Hays Rm 102
Donna Laurent Rm 103
Mallory Moss Rm 105
Anne Jones Paraprofessional 1st Grade

Second Grade Team (click for more info)

Jamie Archambault Rm 113
Elizabeth Reynolds Rm 114
Rachael Kaplan Rm 119

Third Grade Team (click for more info)

Sarah Webb Smith Rm 213
Jennifer Wilson Rm 214
Dana Jackett Rm 215

Fourth Grade Team (click for more info)

Mrs. Mindy Ostrom (50%)
Mrs. Lauren Beaty (50%)
Rm 216
Ms. Jennifer Morton Rm 218
Ms. Susan Bryers Rm 217 Ms. Bryer’s 4th Grade Site

Fifth Grade Team (click for more info)

Ms. Allie McMahon Rm 203
Mrs. Sarah Nakashima Rm 219
Ms. Molly Kull Rm 202

Special Education Team (click for more info)

Jocelyn Klein Affective Needs – 205
Peter Ventresca Affective Needs Paraprofessional – 205
Sara Westbrook Affective Needs Paraprofessional – 205
Katie Hendershot Mild Moderate – 207
Samantha Byrne Mild Moderate – 207
John Neuhalfen Mild Moderate Paraprofessional – 207
Radha Snyder Mild Moderate Paraprofessional – 207

Specials Team (click for more info)

Ms. Carol Redmond (Wed PM, Thurs, Fri) Art – 212
Mr. Ben Herman Drama/Music – Stage/110
Kathleen Von Stein Librarian – 201
Ms. Tracy Hartin PE/Dance – Gym/108

English Language Acquisition (ELA) Team (click for more info)

Mrs. Anita Murano-Sweetman ELA – 105
Mrs. Rebecca Johnson (1/2 time) ELA – 109

Gifted and Talented (click for more info)

Mrs. Heather Wise Room 107

Support Team (click for more info)

Corrigan Carlson (PT) Facilitator – 209
Rebecca Johnson (50%) Intervention – 120A
Alison Wilcox OT – 207
Antoinette Schmitz, MSN, RN Nurse
Mindy Ostrom (50%) Teacher Leader
Emily Kernan Speech – Owl’s Next Floor 2
Alison Wilcox PT – 207

Discovery Link/Before & After School Programs – 107

Jesse Broadfoot Program Specialist
Jessica Reaves Assistant Site Coordinator
Kerrie Lessway Program Leader
Alexis Morof Program Leader
LeiAisha Matthews Program Leader
Jacinda Duran Program Leader
Reggie Byrd Program Leader
Francesca Andriolo Program Leader
Peter Ventresca Program Leader
ZhengQing Li Program Leader

Band (click for more info)

Ms. Christmas Gainsbrugh Director, Auditorium/110


Mary Jones Manager – 006E


Manager – 001
Assistant – 001
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