Lunch & Breakfast at UPark

Upcoming Menus

Breakfast and lunch are free to all students this fall through December 2020. You can view the school menus through the SchoolCafe app.  Download the app here.

Add to Your Child’s Lunch Account Online

university_park_2014-92Denver Public Schools Food & Nutrition Services and University Park Elementary have an online tool for updating and managing your child’s school expenses.  You will need to register for an account at the MySchoolBucks website.  It is convenient and secure and manages your child’s school transactions online from your desktop or mobile device. Never again bother with the trouble of sending cash or a check with your child to pay for your child’s meals.

Free and Reduced Lunch

If you would like to request Free or Reduced Lunch please fill out the online application here. All families that would like Lunch assistance must fill out a new application each year.

University Park Lunchroom Expectations

As part of UPark’s Sustainability Initiative, students are expected to be responsible for their own lunch clean up and to participate in our school’s ‘green’ initiative. This includes:

  • university_park_2014-87Cleaning table eating area and floor space
  • Raising hands to request permission to be dismissed from the lunch table
  • Carrying waste to the Waste Station
  • Sorting waste into the three waste cans:
    • Green COMPOST (food scraps, napkins, paper wrappers, paper bags, etc.)
    • Purple RECYCLING (milk cartons, cardboard, foil, cans, bottles, plastic containers, etc.)
    • Black  TRASH (plastic wrappers, Styrofoam,  straws,  juice bags, straws, plastic spoon, etc.)
  • Place reusable (trays and cutlery) in the dishwasher window